“Lori Deutsch is amazing at what she does. I noticed progress after my first visit. It was her caring and expertise that enabled me to finally have a baby. She always took the time to address MY specific needs. I am truly grateful to Lori for her help and her commitment to making it possible for me to conceive, carry and give birth to my son.” ~ E.W., Los Angeles, CA

“Lori has helped me get through many injuries and illnesses. She is a true healer and her thoughtful approach to treatment has won my appreciation for her abilities many times over.” ~ B.A., Van Nuys, CA

“I had been experiencing lower back pain and spasms for about 5 weeks. The pain was so extreme that it literally took my breath away and I had to stop what I was doing until it passed. After one treatment with Lori, the spasms were gone and the pain was reduced to a mild annoyance. After the second treatment I had zero pain. Two weeks later I feel completely back to normal. Lori is magic!” ~ E.S., Los Angeles, CA

“I began seeing Dr. Lori for a stomach issue that I had been dealing with for several years. I had tried what seemed like EVERYTHING, and had failed to properly diagnose and heal my recurrent and painful stomach cramping. At my first session with Dr. Lori, I immediately felt at ease and somehow just knew that at last I would figure out what was really going on with my body. She recommended a test for parasites, and lo and behold I did indeed have a parasite. Dr. Lori then designed a protocol of supplements to get rid of my “little friend,” as well as dietary recommendations to aid in my healing. After 4 months on the supplements, I was free of all the stomach symptoms that had been plaguing me for years. Dr. Lori is indeed knowledgeable, and she absolutely knows her stuff, but what I appreciate most, and what is so hard to find in a doctor, is that she is so easy to talk to and is clearly interested in her patient’s well-being above all else. She works with you, and she feels more like a caring friend than a detached doctor. My favorite piece of advice she gave me on my first visit was not to stress out about my health - that only makes things worse. Just hearing a doctor say that immediately put me at ease, and I believe it helped to put my body in a place where it was ready to heal. Thank you Dr. Lori. I finally don’t have to wonder and stress about my mystery stomach issues because they are gone! Such a relief, and I am so grateful to you for helping me to heal!” ~ N.R., Topanga, CA

“Lori provides tremendous support, knowledge and relief to infertility patients and newly expecting mothers. I just completed my third IVF cycle and this time it was a success. I did use acupuncture for the first two cycles, but on a limited basis, and the cycles were not successful. For the third try, I was introduced to Lori and invested in weekly appointments with her starting five weeks before the embryo transfer. Lori provided expert knowledge of nutrition and fertility, and her calming presence allowed me to stay positive throughout the process. Due to her advice and acupuncture treatments, I felt the best during this last cycle than the previous two cycles. My body was well prepared for implantation, and due to her support we were successful and are expecting twins in December. Thanks Lori!” ~ A.W., Los Angeles, CA

“Lori gave me the best treatment! I was feeling discomfort and pain from a sprained ankle and a neuroma in the ball of my foot. I live in the Bay Area, but while I was visiting in L.A., I decided to have a treatment. I really could not believe how well I felt after Lori’s treatment. The next day the discomfort and pain in my ankle and foot had disappeared! The discomfort in my ankle never returned. Unfortunately, when I fell off a stepladder weeks later, the discomfort and pain from the neuroma in my foot returned. Now, I want to fly down to L.A. just to get another of Lori’s treatments.” ~ A.C., Mill Valley, CA

“I began seeing Lori several years ago with back pain, severe PMS and hormonal imbalances. Within a few sessions, Lori suggested that she felt I had Hashimoto’s Thyroidits, a condition which took western medicine more than 18 more months to adequately diagnose. I have seen Lori for several years and her intuitive work has always healed me. My PMS, anxiety and sleeplessness are all under control and I have managed many symptoms of my autoimmune conditions (and food allergies) under her guidance. Lori is a gifted practitioner!” ~ J.A., Santa Monica, CA

“Just had an AMAZING acupuncture session with Lori. She is a TRUE HEALER. You need to try it to believe it!” ~ F.D., New York City

“Lori is wonderful to work with – so conscientious, thoughtful, and detail-oriented; you know she’s doing her best for you. Having acupuncture throughout a pregnancy must transfer to the child and make coming into this world so much easier. My child is a very happy baby!” ~ A.P., Los Angeles, CA

“After just 3 weeks on the adrenal program, I can already see a difference in my sleep and energy. Yay! You’re the best!” ~ Y.R., Camarillo, CA

“Thank you soooooo much, Lori! I am so grateful for you and your help in healing my body. You are truly magical. I felt completely rejuvenated the second I left your session. My thinking was much more clear. My breathing was more full and went through my system easier. I felt significantly better and more at peace. You are truly gifted at what you do. Your passion and commitment for your work is inspirational! I can’t thank you enough.” ~ A.M., Santa Monica, CA

“My husband, mother and I received wonderful treatment from Lori. After three consecutive miscarriages within two years, plus lots of testing and assistance from Western doctors, I began seeing Lori to help me achieve a full-term pregnancy. Emotional and stress support were sorely needed after what I had been through. Coming to Lori helped me feel stronger and healthier. She helped my menstrual cycle become perfect. She also helped my digestive system and my stress levels. We got pregnant before we even started trying again. A little ooooops encounter with my hubby became the wonderful blessing that is our son. In addition, my mom was having HUGE menopause symptoms, particularly uncomfortable and embarrassing hot flashes. Lori helped her hot flashes, as well as a bad case of heartburn, allergies, and sinus issues. After Lori’s treatments, my mom felt comfortable without air conditioning, even on hot summer days. And she was finally able to wear make up again. We are very thankful to Lori. Not just for her acupuncture treatments, but for her extra efforts that went above and beyond.” ~ A.C., Tarzana, CA

“My wife and I received acupuncture treatments from Lori Deutsch. This was a WONDERFUL experience for both of us. Speaking for myself, I was brought into awareness of how exhausted and agitated I really am, far more than I have been willing to contemplate or admit, and then brought back into a grounded bodily contact with my being, and into a very, very wonderful relaxation and calm. Lori has the healing touch. We recommend her highly.” ~ J.U., Pasadena, CA

“What a difference! My back is SO much better. You’re a miracle worker! Thank you so much!!” - R.C., Hollywood, CA.

“I’m a firm believer in acupuncture. Lori was there for my IVF procedure. She did acupuncture before and after the embryo transfer, which was huge. After previous failed cycles, I got pregnant!  I saw Lori every week throughout my entire pregnancy, and I never had any morning sickness. Most of my friends who were pregnant, or had been pregnant, said they’d had some form of morning sickness. Very few women I met didn’t, but I was one of the few. I’m convinced that it was the acupuncture. A friend who was pregnant at the same time also had acupuncture and did not get sick. But she stopped the acupuncture in her first trimester, and within a month she started having morning sickness. I think that having regular acupuncture treatments made a huge difference. It helped me have a great pregnancy and a healthy baby! Thank you, Lori!” ~ A.H., Los Angeles, CA

“Knowledge, expertise and ability to explain the concepts clearly. Really felt like there was an air of partnership in wellness. Thank you.” ~ R.D., Santa Monica, CA

“Lori was an integral part of helping me bring my beautiful children into this world. I had multiple acupuncture treatments with her before, during and after IVF for both my pregnancies. Using donor eggs, I conceived my daughter at age 45, and a couple of years later, I gave birth to twins. I am totally in love with my children and couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Lori!” ~ G.H., Sydney, Australia

“My back is waaaaay better! Thanks a mil!” ~ C.P., Santa Monica, CA

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